Quality of Life Questionnaire for Gastric Cancer Patients (KOQUSS-40)

The KOQUSS-40 is a questionnaire assessing quality of life of gastric cancer patients developed by the KOrean QUality of life Stomach cancer patients Study (KOQUSS) group. It consists of 40 items within 11 domains, including general quality of life, indigestion, dysphagia, reflux, dumping syndrome, bowel habit change, constipation, psychological factors, worry about cancer, scar problems, and financial problems. All items of the KOQUSS-40 are rated using a four-point Likert scale and each domain and total score can be calculated according to a set formula. Since the KOQUSS-40 focuses on postgastrectomy symptoms, it can objectively and effectively evaluate quality of life of gastric cancer patients. The KOQUSS-40 is used in several clinical studies in Korea and will contribute to high-quality clinical research by enabling objective assessment of quality of life.

pISSN 1598-2998, eISSN 2005-9256

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