Dear esteemed members of the Korean Gastric Cancer Association (KGCA)

We would like to welcome you all to our website.

The KGCA is a leading academic society in the field of gastric cancer in the world. It annually organizes KINGCA Week, an international scientific conference, and publishes the international high-impact journal, the Journal of Gastric Cancer.

Such achievements and reputation were only possible through the ceaseless efforts made by all of our members, for which we would like to express my deepest gratitude.

During our term, we will direct our attention and effort to areas that require improvement to advance our society further, and the following goals were set to stay in focus.

1. We will revise the missions, vision and code of ethics of the KGCA to reflect the rapidly changing times.

2. The long-held project, separation of the Korean Society of Gastrointestinal Surgery from KGCA, has been accomplished. As a result, the KGCA will be a multidisciplinary academic society to develop the field of gastric cancer.

3. Regular academic conferences will be organized to not only include the current and timely academic issues, but also to stimulate friendship and information exchange among members.

4. In addition to support towards ongoing researches, the KGCA will work towards developing new policy researches.

5. For the benefit of younger researchers, existing educational programs will be activated and new teaching methods will be developed.

6. A variety of methods will be employed to increase the society’s funding, which will be strictly managed to use for the cooperation and development of all members.

7. KGCA will actively participate in international organizations related to gastric cancer and international collaboration will be more strengthened.

Although we are still burdened and troubled by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are optimistic that the virus will be conquered one day. When such a day arrives, we will work towards fostering a high-spirited atmosphere within the society by holding in-person events that have been on hold for all this time.

Most of all, we will devote all our energy into the KGCA so that it can reach new levels as an academic society.

We kindly ask for your support and encouragement during our term.

Thank you.

Jeong Hwan Yook

The Korean Gastric Cancer Association

Sang-Uk Han

Chairman of Board of Directors,
The Korean Gastric Cancer Association