The Korean Gastric Cancer Association (KGCA) is truly a representative society of gastric cancer, where research, diagnosis, and treatment experts gather.

Members of the KGCA are authorities on all topics of medicine related to gastric cancer, from primary research in the laboratory to the clinical field. They achieve academic excellence and are extensively helping gastric cancer patients based on academic achievements.

The Korean Gastric Cancer Association (KGCA) has been holding regular academic conferences every year since its inception as the Korean Gastric Cancer Research Group in 1993, and based on this experience and know-how, it has held the Korea International Gastric Cancer Week (KINGCA Week) since 2014.

In the 30 years of holding academic conferences, the KGCA has raised its reputation through academic exchange with gastric cancer experts around the world, and greatly contributed to education for young scholars at home and abroad.

Moreover, the “Journal of Gastric Cancer,” the official academic journal of the KGCA, is internationally recognized as an influential journal specialized in gastric cancer. Its citation index has been rising every year, and it is expected to continuously develop in the future.

With the members' dedicated academic activities and social efforts, the KGCA is making progress.

In this regard, the KGCA reflects on what it has done for its members

The KGCA should play a role in supporting members' academic achievements, maintaining and strengthening social relationships and solidarity, and providing benefits to its members.

In this context, I will strive for the continuous development of each member and the KGCA.

With this goal, I would like to proceed with the following plans.

  • The KGCA will raise transparency and clarity in disclosing information regarding its operation. I will make the process trustworthy to all members.
  • The KGCA will keep making KINGCA Week an internationally influential academic conference.
    More members of the KGCA and overseas experts will participate, and the KGCA will support each member.
  • The KGCA will provide useful academic information to members through training lectures and multidisciplinary conferences.
  • The KGCA will improve the citation index of the Journal of Gastric Cancer, its official academic journal.
    Publication of a paper in the Journal of Gastric Cancer will be an excellent academic achievement recognized by the affiliated institutions and academic bodies.
  • While maintaining regular revision of the guidelines every four years, a necessary partial revision will be presented with the latest knowledge in two-year intervals.
  • The KGCA will conduct a nationwide survey of surgery data every four years instead of current five-year intervals, considering the period of position for executive board of KGCA and expiration date of the Journal of Gastric Cancer citation index.
  • The KGCA will also conduct a national survey of endoscopic treatment.
  • Members will be offered of insurance and medical information beneficial in the clinical field.
  • The KGCA will continue supporting the ongoing research on gastric cancer.
  • The KGCA will strengthen various training programs, such as endoscopy and laparoscopy, for students specializing in gastric cancer.

The KGCA exists for its members.

The KGCA does not exist without its members.

The KGCA will strive to assist the members in every aspect.

I kindly ask for the active interest and participation of all members of the KGCA.